Sunday, 17 May 2009


I spent today on the London High Street, obstensibly to look at the new Mathew Williamson collection for H&M. As far as H&M collaborations go (anyone who saw the rubbishy Victor & Rolf offering will know what I mean) , the men's offering is pretty strong, although the prints are a little whacked.

The cut of the blazers are great, and the fabrication fairly high standard. It falls down on the knitware and the t-shirting, but all in all, good work Mathew.

Instead, I purchased this tie from Uniqlo (above). Far too much of my current wardrobe is from Uniqlo, but what can I say: it is classic with a preppy edge, high quality (the stuff lasts) and affordable. The rainbow completed my day.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Australia did need something like Academy For Men - a men's style publication attempting to push creative boundaries. The mission statement is completely grandiose: 'With strong leadership we will enable our readers to look beyond what they think is possible and achieve the unimagionable'. I mean, this is an online fashion magazine, not the fucking New Testiment. But, the photography is strong, and editor Rhys Ripper (if that is your real name) has greatly improved Issue 2 from Issue 1 - the kid shows promise. Also, its free, so lets all subscribe and acheive unimagionable.