Friday, 27 June 2008


Louise the XVI was a man who understood the direct relationship between fashion and power. Images of the Sun King (above) show immaculate sartorial detail, from his coiffured head to his healed feet.

The Fendi wedge (below), seen at Milan Fashion Week recently, has grabbed a lot of attention in the mainstream media. It seems at every Men’s Fashion Week female journalists will pick out something outrageously unwearable and effeminate as a talking point. I don’t think Silva Fendi’s platform wedge warrants this status this year. Actually, the shoe is reasonably wearable, and I would argue that it isn’t effeminate – no more than a Cuban heel on cowboy boot, or the healed shoes worn by President Sarkozy.

And the benefits of the heel, that extra inch, and the flattering shape on the male leg, was something that clearly Lousie the XVI – as evidenced by this flirty pose - understood entirely